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The Letter
     Reaching in to the corner, she lifted the crumpled parchment from its hidden resting spot. She had noticed it many times before, but never gave it any thought. The library often had scraps of abandoned writing or pieces of some forgotten manuscript. Finally curiosity had gotten the best of her. Slowly, she unfolded the parchment, the writing on the inside was smeared and seemed to have been written in haste then discarded out of embarrassment.  It read:
        Dear, (The name was erased and scratched out.)
     First and foremost I must say, I love you, but that does not even begin to describe the way I feel about you. Many things I could tell you would feel cliché, so I must avoid telling you those things. Most likely I will never even give you this letter; few things scare me in this cosmos more than admitting the depths of my feelings for you. When the rain, cold and wind b
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Return to the Moonlands Ch. 2
Chapter 2
At about six o'clock Tony arrived at the agreed meeting place. Taking a seat on one of the rocks near the cave where his first adventure had began, Tony waited for his friends to arrive. "I sure hope they don't bring Benny, he can't keep his mouth shut," Tony thought wistfully. About five minutes later Josh and Sly came running in. Tony smiled they had lost Benny in the forest surrounding the cave.
"Hi guys," Tony greeted the two whom were still out of breath.
"So," Josh said when he had finally regained full control of his respiratory system, "You were going to show us more of your rings."
Tony looked down at the rings adorning his fingers, trying to decide which one to summon next. "Aha," he exclaimed when his eyes passed over his treasured Leaf Hyren's ring.
"Wha'ja find, Bones?" Josh and Sly said in unison.
"This," Tony closed his eyes, pouring his consciousness deep into his ring. Feeling through the forests of Naroom, which his Leaf Hyren loved, he felt a darkness slowl
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Return to the Moonlands
Disclaimer(I am only doing this so I won't get sued) I don't own Magi-Nation(but I wish I did.)
Now that that's over with.  To the story.
Tony stared nostalgically at the rings laying scattered in his desk drawer amongst the clutter.  He hadn't even thought about them since he had defeated Agram, over two years ago.  He lifted them from their resting place, slipping one on each finger. They glowed slightly as he slid them on, as if they were happy to be connected to their master again. As he looked out his window, he noticed his friend Josh was waiting impatiently.
As Tony shut his front door Josh called, "Hey, Foney Bones, I've been waiting here forever."  Tony smiled as he heard his once hated nickname; now it was only used by his closest friends.
"Hey, Josh," Tony called, "where's Sly?"
Josh shrugged, "Probably still asleep."&
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The Hunter and the Dryad
In a time and place long ago, when spirits of nature still yet roamed the wilderness openly; a young hunter lived in a small village at the edge of a dark forest. He was known throughout the village for his skills at hunting. He would normally bring back just enough meat for himself, but when the Harvest Festival came he would bring enough kill for three hunters and no one would be forced to go without meat. The single girls of marriageable age knew him for another reason. It was said his long golden hair held a beauty that rival the gods'. In the village the saying went, "the care a man takes of his hair equals the care he takes of his wife."
Despite his popularity in the village, he much preferred to spend his days in the forest communing with the trees and walking beneath their mighty boughs. Often he would not be seen by a single villager for days at a time; he would leave early in the morning before even the farmers would wake and return home long after the moon had risen. He pass
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Bluebirds on Sunday
As Jeff struggled out of his makeshift bunker the lightening ignited the sky with a blinding, but revealing flash.  The rain beat down hard upon his head and skin, burning them with an scalding acidic sensation.  All around him lay the carnage that he had once called home.  The remains of the buildings stood like the broken teeth of a high school geek.  Crawling, his legs went numb at the stench of cesspools mixed with the scent of barbecuing human flesh that lingered in the air. "Why," he screamed to himself, "why me, why this town, why now?"
He could remember only a month ago how happy this town had been, not the gloomy twilight noon that now covered the happiness.  That was before the war came and the planes and the bombs.  Day after day, the reports of neighboring areas bombed to oblivion, slowly drained the life out of the people.  But even then people smiled and boys and girls played in the parks, churches held
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Prelude to the moon
Prelude to the Moon
As you lay, in the darkness
As the moon slips to the sky
As you dream of the breathless
Ever heard a blood chilling cry?
Every night, lie in the darkness
Every night, broken with fright
Every night, silent gallows
Hear the cry of the night
Just before the moon
Hits its peak
The creatures of the night
Bring its prelude
Wicked lycanthopy
The curse of the moon
Infernal blood sucker
Not a child of the womb
The cry of the victim
A howl to the sky
Did bring a perfect
Prelude to the moon
As virgins lie lonely
Alone in their rooms
Barring their necks to red teeth
As they swoon
To the beauty of the dead curse
And the heat of his breath
Did bring an end this
Prelude to the moon
Lost in night
Lost to light
This curse to take her soul
To hell
(female/vocal duet)
Taken by the dead lords
To share their eternal plight
As werewolves dance a death waltz
And howl to the sky
Spilling their crimson blood
And tearing their minds
Hear the revive a
Prelude to the moon
Dance of the dead
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Calloused heart and Necrophili
Calloused hearts and Necrophilia
As I sail out to drown
Deep into the stormy seas
You still stand there as a raft of safety
Still standing there
As they
Turn and flee
How much longer
Will we stay afloat
Will we break and both drown
Scrape our heart upon the rocks
Raining blood from a wound
Bleeding from a swollen heart
Swollen heart, all full of puss to burst
Hearts to break
As they
Learn to love
How much longer
Can we hold it back
Killing the infection with fire
Cauterizing the wound with pain
Calloused hearts are our fate
Lying dead upon
The blood stained ground
Bleeding out my love, pale death
This is
Not as they say
Easy life
How can we
Just keep a life in shadow
Live out the fantasies
Of necrophilia
Lying lustfully loving your lost life
Necrophilia taking her purity
In this time I am living
With my thoughts
Giving me dreams
Of calloused hearts
(calloused hearts
And necrophilia)
My soul pains for love
Love of my lost lusty lich
Time is not our friend
Time walks with the reaper's
:iconanassisofdreams:AnassisofDreams 4 10
why I won't commit pt.1
when I said
I loved you
I hoped you would say
you wanted to just be friends
but when you said
you loved me
I was scared
I did not want
to commit
to another
failed love
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i keep going on with out you
but i wont forget you
i will move on
despite how much you meant
i know that is what you would want me to do
but its so hard
i really miss you
goodbye my friend
i hope we meet again
:iconanassisofdreams:AnassisofDreams 0 3
My kitty by AnassisofDreams My kitty :iconanassisofdreams:AnassisofDreams 1 9
love is a confusion of thoughts
where do i begin
love is hate
of those who get in the way
love is saddness
when the loved ones go away
but most important
love is caring
for everyone you can
forgeting race
forgeting gender
forgeting hate
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World Swirls
World swirls things go black.
How can I take it back.
It started as harmless fun.
How did I know he had a gun.
He pulled it out I started to run.
After that there was no fun
World swirls things go black.
I really wish to take it back
Now I lie on the street
People watch as I bleed
I scream for help silently
I know the end is near
I think back to a deer
I know how it felt
Lying there, dying there
Now it all goes black
I can't  take it back
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Auran Maltec of the Acien
United States
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Favourite genre of music: operatic metal
Favourite style of art: anime
Operating System: crap if u ask me
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Wallpaper of choice: something colorfuls
Skin of choice: pretty?
Favourite cartoon character: I dunno
Personal Quote: Meh, if it's meant to happen it'll happen.
It has been forever since I've been on here. I look back at the things I have posted on here, and for the most part I'm embarrassed. It crossed my mind to take many of them down, but I have decided that I won't. I think its important for me to keep in mind what I've grown from and try to learn from it. I have every intention to begin posting again, but I have a feeling I will get lazy and probably won't keep up with it very long. Unfortunately my best stuff I kept to myself afraid to put it out there and I have long since lost it. Either way its about time I began letting my creative side express itself again, hopefully this time it will be a lot better..

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